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California Skin in Wiesbaden.

California Skin Wiesbaden GmbH offers a studio for doctors specialising in wrinkle treatments. It features modern equipment, conforms to strict medical and cosmetic standards, and is suitable for administering wrinkle treatments and performing minimally invasive anti-ageing procedures.

At California Skin, we’re renowned not only for the expertise of our highly specialised doctors but also for our use of premium products, sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Galderma and Allergan. We tailor our treatment concept to each patient’s individual needs, showcasing their unique beauty and helping any signs of ageing to vanish almost entirely. Preserving a customer’s natural appearance and promoting their wellbeing are our top priorities. Are you looking to take a short break from your stressful routine to concentrate solely on yourself for once?

Could you benefit from natural treatments to enhance your appearance and remedy any imperfections that are troubling you?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation with us, your skincare experts in Wiesbaden!


Doctors at the California Skin Studio, Wiesbaden

The California Skin Studio in Wiesbaden hosts doctors and specialists who work on a freelance basis and have particular expertise in cosmetic wrinkle treatments.

California Skin Wiesbaden GmbH does not conclude any treatment contracts or provide treatment itself.

Dr. med. Kerstin Kilk

As an experienced doctor and an expert in aesthetic injections, offering treatments of the highest quality to my patients is very important to me. To ensure I can do just that, I exclusively use top-of-the-range products and regularly sharpen my knowledge at national and international workshops and congresses. Technical expertise and administering injections with absolute precision are both crucial parts of my work – but so too is getting to know each patient on a fundamental level. I consciously take the time to do so, as I believe it is important to identify and understand a patient’s individual wishes and expectations.

Every single person possesses unique inner and outer beauty – and, through my individually tailored treatment concepts, I use natural methods to accentuate this beauty rather than change it. My goal is not to replicate some exaggerated, supposed ideal of beauty. Instead, my goal is to give my patients a natural, refreshed appearance to support and preserve their own, unique beauty.


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