Lip fillers in Wiesbaden

Facts about Lip fillers

Application areasNarrow lips, lack of contours, lip wrinkles
DurationAbout 30 minutes
AnaesthesiaNumbing cream
AftercareSun protection, cooling, no solarium & sauna for 3 - 5 days
PricesFrom 280€

The actual services are billed according to GOÄ.

Do you wish your lips had more volume? Maybe you’d prefer more defined lip contours?

Here at California Skin in Wiesbaden, we can help you to realise your wishes, taking into account your lips’ natural shape and your individual needs.

Our specialist, licensed doctors will use hyaluronic acid as a gentle, natural way to shape your lips and work with you to find the right solution for your lips and expectations. At California Skin, we exclusively use premiumquality, highly compatible hyaluronan fillers from reputable manufacturers such as Allergan and Galderma to augment and shape your lips.

The result is a fuller, attractively curved mouth that pairs harmoniously with your facial features.

The consultation
At our studio in Wiesbaden, we will start your treatment by inviting you to an extensive personal consultation.

We will discuss your individual expectations and wishes and develop a tailored treatment concept based on the natural shape of your lips.

The treatment
The injections and correction only take a few minutes, depending on the treatment. We apply a topical anaesthetic to the mouth region, which means that the treatment is as painless as possible for you. The specialist treating you will then begin to inject the hyaluronan into your lips. They will proceed very carefully to avoid the risk of overcorrection.

After the treatment
After a lip filler treatment, you’ll be able to get back to your work and social commitments straight away.

The results will be visible immediately. However, your lips may be slightly swollen for a time following the procedure. You should be able to effectively remedy any initial swelling by gently cooling the lips. Any slight discolouration can be easily concealed with makeup. After having lip fillers, you should protect your face against heat and direct sunlight. You should also avoid exercise and visits to the sauna and solarium for a few days. The hyaluronan injected in your lips will remain malleable for the first few weeks, so it is important to avoid applying pressure to them.

At our studio in Wiesbaden, we exclusively use premium hyaluronan compounds in our lip augmentation treatments. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in human connective tissue, which means it offers excellent compatibility.

The hyaluronan acts as a fluid reservoir in the skin, thus keeping it looking firm and fresh. We make use of this quality by injecting hyaluronan into the lips, which leaves your lips looking plump and thoroughly refreshed.

At California Skin, we do not have a fixed price for lip fillers as we tailor every treatment to our clients’ individual needs. As a rough guide, however, prices for lip filler treatments start from €280. We will provide more detailed pricing information during your consultation.

Doctors at the California Skin Studio, Wiesbaden

Saskia Breker

Alina Papp

Dr. Violeta Hußendörfer

Dr. med. Duygu Pfeiffer

Imamali Seyidov

Benefits of choosing California Skin in Wiesbaden

  • Licensed doctors specialising in lip filler treatments
  • No risk of overcorrection thanks to precise dosages
  • Individual treatment concepts tailored to each client’s needs
  • Detailed personal consultation and clarification
  • Premium-quality products

FAQs about lip fillers in Wiesbaden

Ensuring that treatment results look natural is our top priority. So, if you are looking to add considerable volume to your lips, the specialist treating you may opt for a gradual approach. This might involve two or more appointments to augment your lips.

When injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips, we always strive to ensure that the results blend in harmoniously with your facial features.

We can inject hyaluronic acid into your lips as many times as you wish. We recommend having a refresher treatment before the effects of the first treatment wear off completely.

Depending on the amount of volume you wish to add, you might need two or more sessions. However, for minor lip augmentations, one session is often enough.

You should always turn to a trained specialist when seeking lip filler treatments. Aesthetic plastic surgeons and specially trained dermatologists are useful people to contact. At our studio in Wiesbaden, we guarantee highly professional treatments as a matter of course.

Before the lip augmentation treatment itself, we numb the skin with an anaesthetic cream. This makes the treatment as painless as possible for you. Lips are particularly sensitive, so you may still experience some discomfort during the injections. Nevertheless, most of our patients report that the procedure is very tolerable.

Lip augmentation using hyaluronan is very low risk. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the lips, which means it usually offers high compatibility. Any side effects are normally limited to initial redness and swelling. You may also notice some slight bruising, though this usually recedes quickly when the lips are cooled.

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