On this page you can find out about the prices for our treatments with hyaluronic acid and Botox. Please note that the price of the treatment in your individual case may differ from the list below. This is because every face has different conditions and in some cases we have to use more material to achieve the best possible result.

In a detailed and personal consultation we will discuss your individual ideas and wishes, work out your tailor-made treatment concept and inform you about the exact costs of the treatment.

The actual services are billed according to GOÄ.

Eye bagsfrom 380€
Browliftfrom 195€
Bruxism treatmentfrom 300€
Thread liftfrom 150€/thread
Fat away injectionface from 200€, body from 300€
Gummy smilefrom 150€
Hylasefrom 120€
Hyperhidrosisfrom 400€
Infusion therapyfrom 180€
Jawline contouringfrom 490€
Chin wrinklesfrom 195€
Chin correctionfrom 220€
Crow's feet (laugh lines)from 195€
Lip injectionsfrom 280€
Lip Flipfrom 195€
Puppet wrinklesfrom 220€
Mesotherapyfrom 120€
Mimic wrinkles combination (forehead, frown lines & crow's feet)from 370€
Non-Surgical Rhinoplastyfrom 400€
Nose wrinklesfrom 250€
Upper lip wrinklesfrom 220€
Profilho®from 299€
Sculptra®back of hand from 500€; face, neck, cleavage, upper arms from 550€
PRP hair treatmentfrom 295€
Radiesse®1,5ml: from 500€ / 3,0ml: from 850€
Russian lipsfrom 280€
Skinbooster décolletéfrom 240€
Skinbooster facefrom 240€
Forehead wrinklesfrom 195€
PRP therapy/ vampire liftingfrom 350€
Cheek build-upfrom 300€
Frown linesfrom 195€

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